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Risk Identification

While the design of a risk transfer (insurance) program is a critical step, identification of the risks clients face can be even more critical and always has to come first. Years of experience have taught staff what to look for, but we have taken things a step further. Clear-Risk is a unique tool that we can employ as a client benefit, to assist them and us in identifying and prioritizing a variety of risks clients’ face, many of which may be outside the scope of a traditional insurance product.

Why is it important to formally identify risk?
The Clear Risk process will help any company that employs it, to take a step back and assess the risk they face on a more global (or enterprise-wide) basis. In addition, Clear Risk provides a platform to monitor and modify the strategies that are chosen to assess the risks the process identifies.

Risk Management Information
At Molyneaux, we have invested in technology that allows clients to be better informed and have better control of risk in their businesses. The Molyneaux Risk Management Center provides sample written management programs and training resources that are developed by trusted professionals. It also provides efficient formats for managing risk information such as Certificates of Insurance, Safety Data Sheets and OSHA injury logs, replacing cumbersome paper documents with a single efficient resource.

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