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Risk Control/Safety & Personnel Resources

Our mission is to help you proactively focus your efforts to protect and promote the health and safety of each employee while reducing the costs associated with workplace injury and accident. Our goals are to help you increase employee productivity and ultimately. To achieve these goals, we formed a safety consulting firm almost 20 years ago, Safety & Personnel Resources or SPR. SPR provides clients with professional advice, training and solutions to help businesses reduce their risk profile and increase efficiency.

We specialize in providing:


  1. Hazard Identification  
  2. OSHA Audits
  3. Job site inspections
  4. Employee training
  5. Right to Know Training
  6. Lockout/Tag Out
  7. Programs tailored to individual needs
  8. Bloodborne Pathogens


  1. Employee Handbooks
  2. Human Resource Departmental Audits
  3. Employee Training

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The success of any business is directly tied into identifying, preventing and reducing the occurrence of losses. By minimizing the impact of those that do occur you can further protect your bottom line as a business owner.

If you'd like to learn more about how Molyneaux and SPR can be your business partner for risk control, contact us for a consultation.

Risk Management Information
At Molyneaux, we have invested in technology that allows clients to be better informed and have better control of risk in their businesses. The Molyneaux Risk Management Center provides sample written management programs and training resources that are developed by trusted professionals. It also provides efficient formats for managing risk information such as Certificates of Insurance, Safety Data Sheets and OSHA injury logs, replacing cumbersome paper documents with a single efficient resource.

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