Molyneaux Insurance


Since our establishment in 1926 we’ve been located in various locations from the Putnam Building in downtown Davenport, then to the 100 block of Kirkwood Boulevard in central Davenport. In October of 2016, we moved to Utica Ridge Road in northeast Davenport, where we are the major tenant in a spacious, newly constructed building, so we are poised for additional growth.

As we now operate as a Third Generation agency, we continue to be a business who works tirelessly for our clients. With nearly 40 employees we have grown into one of the largest independent insurance agencies in our Eastern Iowa/Western Illinois region.

We could go on…but here is what it means for you:

  • We’ve developed strong relationships with clients and companies over the course of our existence creating true partnerships.
  • These relationships are the foundation of our agency and are crucial when it comes time to work for you.
  • We are passionate about our work.
  • We have developed a reputation for doing things ethically.
  • We are financially sound and well positioned for the future.
  • We have staff members who are experts in various industries, constantly pursuing more knowledge across all topics related to the risks you face.
  • We continue to grow to meet the needs of our clients.
  • We have positively interacted with the community and given back in the form of contributions to charities as well as our time and effort to causes we believe in.
  • We’ve had fun along the way, because let’s face it, if we didn’t what would be the point?.
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